Keywords are vital for your site. Here’s how you can win the rankings war…

With keywords you can get inside the head of your prospects. Here’s how…

What are your customers thinking about?

What’s going on in their minds?

What are they Googling?

Find the answer to these questions and your business will BOOM. Your marketing will be easy and effective. The response to your posts, ads and Tweets will be HUGE.

And it all begins with…


It’s vital you understand what your prospects are Googling. What keywords will bring them to your website? In your marketing, what keywords will make them stop and read your stuff? What keywords in your subject line will make them open your emails?

It’s the difference between business success and failure.

I can’t stress how important your keywords are.

How do I find my keywords?

You’ll need keyword tool. Keyword research is not something you can successfully do manually. The Google keywords planner is great. I’ve used many keyword tools and the one I like the most is LongTailPro

Here’s the video overview. I would recommend you take the 7 day trial and see for yourself.


Keywords will give you a huge advantage over your competitors. Get your main keywords for your business and you will be able to create headlines, subject lines, Tweets and Facebook posts that really grab the attention of your prospects. Keywords have certainly changed my business.

Good luck with your marketing…

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