How to create the perfect Home Business Blog…

About a year ago a friend of mine started his own home based business.  I can’t go into the details (upon his request), but he essentially took his favorite hobby and wanted to make some extra cash.

He is not a very technical guy so he asked me about a website.  I told him he should blog and he replied with laughter.  I took the time to break down how easy it would be using a platform like WordPress.  That intrigued him.  

When I broke down how WordPress would let him have a blog and a traditional site wrapped in one – he was almost sold. I eventually convinced him by offering to do the initial set up.  The next day I easily set up his blog and it was up to him to provide content.  Provide content, he did!  He was a voracious blogger. He actually posted twice a day.  

He posted once in each of his categories: starting a home business and another category related to to his product.

It didn’t take long for him to call me.  Just about 2 weeks later he was excitedly telling me about a guy that contacted him wondering about a custom project.  I would classify the blog as a success at that point. 

Over the next year we documented the advantages the home based business blog had meant for his business.  

Here is a list of 6 real life tangible benefits of the blog:

1 – He sold the custom project mentioned above

2 – A local newspaper got word of his blog on twitter and did a story on him

3 – A related industry quarterly asked him to contribute – getting his name out to thousands of potential customers

4 – He met 2 local (relatively speaking) tradesman who were in his field and offered him great advice and opportunities for collaboration

5 – He ranked on Google for a number of long tail keywords that eventually meant he was getting substantial traffic to his site that even led to some sales

6 – The home business category was great for motivation – it kept all of his triumphs and mistakes in a neatly ordered online diary that allowed him to reflect. It also helped him make sure he didn’t make a mistake twice.

A home based business is the perfect match with a blog.  As you can see above, it is a great networking tool that you can be used for personal motivation as well.  If you want to give your home based business a jolt, harness the power of the internet and blogging.