Here’s why your children should be blogging…

If you have children you probably encourage them to be the best they can be.  You want them to learn and grow and be happy.  Helping your child create their very own blog could be a great learning experience.  Your child will develop their writing and social skills with a blog.  If you are wary of allowing your child to blog, here are some great reasons that might change your mind…

1. Develop Their Writing Skills

Some children don’t like to read and write.  This might change if you help them set up their own blog.  Kids seem to gravitate towards technology at an early age these days.  If they don’t find traditional writing enjoyable, the added touch of technology inherent in a blog might excite them.  You can help them develop their writing skills by encouraging them to post regularly to their blog.

2. Develop Technological Skills

The world we live in is becoming more and more technological everyday.  Many parents feel overwhelmed themselves. You do not want your child failing behind.  Having them regularly using a blog will introduce them to the internet, computers, typing and email.  All of these skills are pretty much essential, especially for the next generation.  There are a lot of pitfalls and dangers incorporated with these technologies so teaching your child how to avoid these early will be tremendously helpful.

3. Develop Social Skills

Having a blog will allow your child to get more comfortable expressing his/her feelings.  Responding to comments can also help them develop their social skills.  Some kids are shy and might be able to express themselves more fully online.  Eventually those skills can translate to the real world.

These three reasons alone should be good enough for any parent who has thought about allowing their children to blog.  You need to help them navigate the internet pitfalls, but it will all be a learning experience.  Make sure you monitor your children’s online activities and blog. You also need to talk to your child and explain the dangers.  Once you have done that, and considering the vast benefits, I think your child having a blog is a wonderful idea.

I have strongly urged parents to allow their children to blog. I believe it can help develop their technological, social and writing skills.  In a world that is becoming smaller everyday due to technology like the internet, it is important our children have a strong basis in it.  That said, you have to be careful because blogging by children can be dangerous.  Follow these four tips and you will make blogging a safe and fun activity for your children.

Make Rules: You need to sit down with your child and set up some rules.  Whatever rules you decide on you should explain them clearly to your child and explain why they are important.  Set some consequences as well, let them know what will happen if they break any of the rules.  You don’t want to be lackadaisical when it comes to online rules.  Stay firm and your children will understand.

Strong Passwords:  Make sure that your children’s accounts are all protected by good passwords. “12345” is not a good password.  You should use number, letters and symbols.  It might be impossible for them to remember, but if it means you have to log on for them – even better.

Screen The Content: Encourage your child to create their blog posts on the computer before they go live.  This way you can check them out and ensure they don’t give away any sensitive information, or have any objectionable content.  Another bonus with this method is you can help your child get used to word processing software.  You can also teach them about grammar and spelling with this method.

Monitor Blog: Check your child’s blog everyday and make sure they haven’t snuck any objectionable content on to it.  Also make sure no one has been leaving weird comments.  Even some spam comments can have dangerous links so make sure you have access to delete these.  Install Akismet if you use WordPress and most of them should be caught.  Also check out any links your child puts up, who knows where they could be linking to.

If you follow these four tips you will ensure that your child’s blog will be a great learning experience and not a potential danger.  Commit to strong passwords, screening and monitoring and your child can benefit from blog ownership!