Choosing A Theme

In this post we are going to talk about choosing the right WordPress theme for your next project.

Putting up a new site with WordPress requires making several decisions including choosing the perfect WordPress theme to use. Not surprisingly, this can be a challenging task, especially because there are literally thousands of free and paid themes available to choose from.

When it comes to choosing the right WordPress theme to use for your site be prepared because it may require patience, knowledge, and a solid understanding of which features are most important to you to make a final decision. To help narrow down your choices you should start by making a list of key features and designs elements you want to include on your site before looking for available options.

Now let’s go over a few more tips that can help you choose the best

WordPress theme possible:

– Consider the cost

There are many WordPress themes that are available for free. You can readily choose and apply any of those. However, if you want other themes other than those offered for free, you may choose from a set of themes that can be chosen and installed for specific tag prices. Many top-of-the- line themes should be purchased online.

Numerous WordPress users use both paid and free themes, depending on the design and layout of their online sites. If you are ready to spend for your blog, choosing and installing any of available paid themes can be considered as an investment. If you have the technical expertise, you may also opt to design and create your own WordPress theme.

– Prioritize navigation

The best choice for a blog theme is not necessarily the one that looks fantastic. Be warned that many theme designers focus solely on the aesthetics without considering overall usability. Be cautious when choosing overly decorative themes or those that feature excessive graphics because those may possibly slow down your Websiteís upload speed, which in turn may drive readers away.

Always consider ease of navigation when choosing WordPress themes.

Online visitors to your site should find it easier to navigate within and around your blog. To be sure, check out each themeís demo first before choosing and installing the one that fits your blog.

– Check browser compatibility

Many bloggers disregard and neglect browser compatibility when choosing and installing themes for their blogs. Do not fall for the same mistake. Some professional theme designers thoroughly test their designs on every browser available prior to releasing those across the Internet. Unfortunately many others do not even bother to do so.

Specific WordPress themes may look different when opened on various browsers. Those may not look exactly as you intended. To be safe, choose a theme that has been tested extensively for browser compatibility. And do not forget to check it yourself before applying any theme to your WordPress blog.

– Look for AdSense optimized themes

If you intend to generate revenue from your blog, look for and choose Adsense optimized themes. Those include spots that display AdSense advertisements that have been tested to entice readers. Such themes also make it easier to add AdSense codes, which would be most useful if you have limited knowledge about HTML.

Lastly, choose WordPress themes that would allow you to eventually introduce several changes. It is not surprising that many of those will enable you to do so. You may alter overall color schemes, background images, and number of columns even with just a few clicks of the mouse.