Are you making these 3 big traffic mistakes?

Do you care about your blog’s traffic?

Some people don’t really care about traffic, they just write about what they are feeling.  They are happy to just have friends and family find their blog.  There is nothing wrong with that. For other people traffic is king.  Some people use blog to make money through ads or affiliate offers.

Other people use it to build a brand and direct traffic to their money sites.  In either of the latter scenarios, traffic is important.  If traffic is that important to your site then you have to monitor it.  There are a lot of free options out there to monitor traffic.  The problem is that people get way too wrapped up in these.

If you care about traffic and want to monitor it, then avoid these mistakes:

1. A visible counter

These used to be found on a lot of sites, there is a reason they aren’t anymore.  They are lame.  Counters on your website are just too old fashioned.  No one really cares how many people have been to your site, except you.  Besides being cheesy, they are also completely useless and usually inaccurate. There are a lot of options that let you monitor traffic behind the scenes, so stick to them.  

2. Living and Dying by Alexa Rank

Alexa is a website that ranks other sites based on traffic.  People new to blogging love to watch their site rise on the Alexa rankings.  I used to be one of these people until I realized how useless it really is.  

First off, Alexa only counts when someone with the Alexa toolbar comes to your site.  So sites that attract webmasters and technical people will have better results than a site that doesn’t attract people likely to have the toolbar. For example, I had a general interest blog that got about 13k hits per month.  My friend had a blog that attracted more techy people and got about 3k hits per month.  Even though he had 10k less visitors per month than me, his Alexa ranking was hundreds of thousands better than mine.

You can easily tweak your ranking too.  Just install the Alexa toolbar and surf your own site.  I installed it last night, and checked out my site a couple times, I woke up this morning having gained 6 thousand spots on Alexa.  That was with NO effort either.

3. Stat Addiction

This happened to me and it was worse than crack.  I had to wean myself off of checking my stats to curb the withdrawal symptoms.  Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but it can be quite addictive.  I had three traffic monitors on my site at one time.  I had Google Analytics, StatCounter and Woopra all on one site.  Besides negatively effecting my load times there is no need for this.

There is no real benefit to monitor your traffic every 10 minutes.  I can understand checking it after a new post or something.  That way you can monitor how effective the post was.  Besides that though, you need to chill out on the traffic monitoring.  

It is a huge time sink.  

I was checking my stats 10x a day, taking 5 minutes to do so each time.  That is almost an hour of wasted time. 

I could have created two high quality blog posts in that time.
I could have created dozens of backlinks to my site.
I could have promoted my blog through social media.
I could have done anything more productive than staring at my traffic stats!  

My suggestion is to check your stats at the start of the day each day, and maybe at the end of the day as well.  That way you can still monitor the effectiveness of your content, but you won’t waste hours a week doing it.

Monitoring traffic is important for most blog owners.  We all want traffic right?  With that said, make sure you avoid the above mistakes.  Don’t get swept up in the traffic monitoring hurricane.  

Traffic is important, but it will come whether you monitor it or not.

Why you should never use these 3 phrases…

There are a lot of people making money online.  There are also a lot of people who want to teach other people how to make money. That means a lot of money making products and lessons.  These can definitely be valuable, but as someone who has been bombarded by offers I have come to hate a couple widely used terms.

These terms must work because the big names use them. Money is being made by people who use these terms so who am I to hate them?  Well, I think there is room for more transparent and honest online marketing. The first step for me is to not use the following terms:

1. Guru

There is already a growing resentment to this word in the online marketing community.  I think it comes down to over saturation.  Everyone is now a “guru”.  Oh they may not have results, and they might be new to the field but hey, they are a Guru so they must be good!  

I was contacted by a man who was new to online marketing.  he wanted a WordPress website built.  One of his specific requests was to have Guru in his header.  I did it no problem, but I have to admit that I found it rather hilarious.  This guy was new to online marketing, was into like seven MLMs and was making no money.  What exactly is he going to teach anyone?  Wait a second, who am I to question a Guru!  It is in his header after all – must be true.

If someone is claiming to be a Guru do your research – and if you are going to buy something off a “Guru” ask them about their results.  There are some truly knowledgeable “Gurus” out there – but be aware that anyone can call themselves a Guru and at the end of the day it means nothing.

2. No Brainer

I hate when someone tells me their service or product is a no brainer.  Unless I am handing you $1000 and you instantly hand me back $1500 then I can’t envision any deal being a “no brainer”.  It is almost offensive in a way too.  Do I look like some rube who is buying snake oil off the back of a van?  Do you really expect me to not think about my forthcoming purchase?  Oh it is a no brainer? Give me seven!

I am not the type of person who tosses my money at a product without doing research.  I would suggest anyone looking at online marketing programs do the same.  I have seen a lot of product launches come and go over the years and I can say without a doubt there has never been a “no brainer” product.  

3. Newbie

This word is a bit different than the others on the list.  It is different because I know it works and is effective.  New people love to see this word and it makes them feel like “Hey I’m new I can do this!”.  The reason it bothers me is purely saturation.  Everyone has their newbie product.  Overkill.

I will take it easy on this word because I understand it’s power.  But in general – UGH. To me it is a warning sign that someone might be trying to take advantage of people new to the industry.

These words are never going to disappear from internet marketing.  They worked at one time and probably still do.  Even if they aren’t nearly as effective as they once were, people will still use them because people like to follow.  That may seem harsh but anytime something has worked online it is almost always ran into the ground.  If you are like me and can’t stand these words you better learn to live with them. 

If you are using these words and not making money then maybe you should change it up.  Try transparent and honest..I heard that sometimes works.

How to make money from your blog…

Monetize Your Blog Today, It is Easier Than You Think!

If you are looking at transforming your blog traffic into income then follow the five tips here and you will be able to instantly monetize your blog.  If you can create a product, or display some ads, you should be able to start making money from all your efforts.

1. Products.

Products are a great way to monetize your blog.  If you have a loyal community they will be open to purchasing from you.  You could easily use a site like CafePress to create just about any physical product you want.  This is especially effective if your blog has morphed into it’s own brand.

Besides physical products you can also create your own eProducts.  You could create your own eBook and sell it on your site.  If it is enticing to your current web traffic you could sell hundreds of these books with little effort and marketing.  Anything you can think of can be a product.

2. Lead Capture.

This isn’t an instant monetization but it can have far reaching benefits.  If you capture the emails of people who are visiting your site you will be building a “list”.  You can keep a running dialogue with these people and when you do have an offer to sell, you will have a list of warm leads.  What salesperson wouldn’t kill for that?  You just need an autoresponder service (like Aweber) and an offer that people will want to give their email to get.  Overkill the value here – offer something you feel like you should be charging for.

3. Members Area.

If you have a ton of traffic you can also create a premium members area.  This would be best for helpful blogs. If you had a blog about WordPress tips, you could keep your premium tips, advanced code, and offer support in a paid members area.  If your blog is powered by WordPress (it should be) there are free plugins that will give you this capability.

4. Adsense.

Adsense might not make you a rich man, but it can be a nice boost to your income.  You can choose to display Google ads on your site and whenever they get clicked you get paid.  Google ads will display ads based on your content and some content is worth more than others.  One downside is you have to be really careful how you display your ads, because Google has strict requirements.  You probably won’t make a killing, but a couple bucks a day (or more) is entirely possible.  There are also a ton of other similar Pay Per Click advertising opportunities out there,just do a Google search to learn more.

5. Donation.

I saved this to the end because I personally do not like it.  If you want though you can easily add a donation box to your blog.  These boxes usually have you the blog owner asking for a donation, or for your guests to buy you a beer, or coffee, or etc… Much like everything else, you can add this through a WordPress plugin.  To me it seems kind of like electronic pan handling, but that is my own personal bias.  If you offer a helpful blog, then asking for a donation may not be that bad.

There are many ways to monetize your blogs, and I just showed you five quick tips.  if you put even a couple of these tips into place you will be ahead of most people.  You spend your time blogging faithfully, it is time to get something back.  

Monetize your blog today and get what you deserve.