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Your world changes when you gain the ability to persuade your customers to buy.

Most of us have very poor persuasive skills. An attempt to persuade gain quickly descend into an argument. But having the power to get your customers to like you and want to buy is solid gold.

And persuasion is something that can take place either face to face, via the phone, via social media or via a sales page or brochure.

Just think how more profitable your business would be if you had the power to impress and get customers to do want you wanted? In my opinion the very best way is via Conversational Hypnosis.

Firstly, let me point out that you don’t have to be in an actual conversation with someone to make this work. This works for any type of conversation – via text, social media messages, video or website.

Can you really persuade your customers with hypnosis?

In conversational hypnosis you are communicating to deliver your desired result. This is something that happens all the time in everyday life. Sometimes you feel a ‘deep connection’ with someone. You will subconsciously change your behaviour either to match their’s, or you will do what they ask. It’s called being ‘irresistible’.

Some people have it, and some don’t. If you can become irresistible in marketing your business, you are going to see big results.

I’ve just finished Igor Ledochowski’s course, The Power of Conversational Hypnosis. It’s changed the way I’m marketing my business. By getting inside the minds of your prospects, you discover the profound ability to get them to take the action you want.

It works in everyday situations, face to face, and I’m seeing it work in my email campaigns, sales letters and social media messages,

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