Jetpack 3.3

Jetpack 3.3 brings the ability to manage your multiple WordPress sites from one place. 3.3 brings a new dashboard – which I have been using a lot – and it’s fabulous.

Here’s what you do….

1 Update your sites to Jetpack version 3.3 via 'plugins'
2 Log on to
3 Add your sites via the dashboard
4 Click 'switch sites' to view 'All My Sites'.

These are the sites you now have connected.

If you want to post a new blog, then top right you have the ‘Write’ button. Click this and you can then select which site you need. This brings up the new editor – which again is a HUGE improvement. It’s quick, clean and really easy to use.

Yes, the new editor is magnificent

I’m sounding a bit star struck now, but I love the new editor. It looks very simple, but has all the features set out in a very instinctive way. The scheduler now has a tremendous drop down calendar. It’s very easy to see the dates now – and also to select the time.

Uploading images has got easier. Linking your blog to your social media accounts has become easier and quicker as well. The whole right hand menu collapses down to leave the editor uncluttered. The visual editor has all the usual features but has been upgraded, It now allows you to add media, media from Google (connect with your account, a contact form or a payment button.

I used to use Meghan Nicholas’s Clean and Simple Contact Form which was a superb free plugin, no problems. But having a contact form built into the editor speeds up creation. You can edit and add fields and the final product looks very professional. To use the payment button requires a paid account. And there’s no clutter, your choice of what to insert lies behind a simple ‘Add’ button.

Another new feature is ‘Copy Post’, lying at the bottom of the right hand menu under ‘More Options’. Start a fresh post, click Copy Post and you are asked which of your existing posts you want to overwrite. Select the post, click ‘Overwrite’ and your fresh post now has the old post copied directly into it. This feature is invaluable if you want to use older posts as templates for your fresh ones.

Finished with one site? Click ‘Switch Site’ and you see a menu of all your connected sites. Simply choose one to move directly into the dashboard of the next site. If you have a number of sites, this new dashboard is a god send.

One more powerful new feature allows you to select ‘All My Sites’. Now you see the Stats from every site – views, visitors, likes and comments – all on one page. Next, on the left hand menu, Site Pages, lets to see every page created across your sites in reverse chronologically order i.e., most recent first.

Next is Blog Posts. For me this is enormous. I can select ‘Scheduled’ and see all my scheduled posts across every site, in a lovely new preview showing featured image, headline and excerpt – plus when it is scheduled to be published. It’s important for me to check and double check my posts before they go out and this allows me to review to my heart’s content.

Themes and Plugins allows you to call up and see what you are using across all sites. You can deactivate, auto update or remove from here. Logging into multiple sites used to mean I would spend the first ten minutes updating – no longer. I can now update every plugin and every theme on all my sites at once. A real time saver.

Jetpack 3.3 – the WordPress love affair continues…..